We Have Adopted Two Children!


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Click Here For Information About Our Tragic Auto Accident On Christmas Eve
Our Precious Daughter's Passing into the Presence of Her Lord and Savior

** Includes The Memorial Service Video **

Here is the Statement I Read in Court During the Defendent's Sentencing on February 14, 2017


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Tony A. Bartolucci, Minister of Preaching @ Christ Church of Clarkson, Clarkson, New York

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Tony Bartolucci

Some information about who I am and how I survive - by the grace of God (pic is me at 7 months).

My Amazon Wish List

Personal Library

A large file listing my library holdings, sans my collection of various theological journals and a cagillion digial books.

Sermon Central

Links to notes, outlines and audio sermons on 1 - 2 Peter, Jude, Ruth, and Galatians (as well as some other various and sundry topics).

From my Pen . . .

A few essays and papers on various topics, including some notes on systematic theology.

The Th.D. Files

An overview of my trek toward a second master's degree (Th.M) and first doctorate (Th.D) at Whitefield Theological Seminary.

Cars and Bikes

The portal into a page featuring my 1989 Supercharged Ford Mustang and1991 Jeep Wrangler Renegade - and a listing of all the vehicles I've owned.

Tony's Reading List

What I'm reading now, as well as books and articles I have read and outlined.

People I'm Looking For

I'm looking for some people from my past. No, not so that I can get Uncle Vito to "collect." These are old friends, schoolmates, and co-workers that I've wondered about.

Quotes and Illustrations

I've been compiling a database of quotes and such since 1990. It's over 300 pages and growing!

A Tribute to Jimmy Dean Williams

Here's a tribute to the greatest athlete I've ever known who died at the young age of 36.

Power Page

One of my (former)hobbies: Powerlifting! (That's 605 pounds loaded on the rack to the left.)

*My heavy lifting days are over due to a back injury suffered during my encounter with a drunk driver on 12/24/15*

My Briefcase

Here are some files to share, most of which are MP3 files of some free sermons and lectures that are worth listening to.

Peace with God

The only way to have peace with God and eternal life is through saving faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Johnny Carson's Dismay at Same-Sex Marriage

This is from his Tonight Show monologue from 1991. How quickly things change when a culture no longer has an absolute.


Email: tb@usa.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Theologicae

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TonyBartolucci

Snail Mail: Tony Bartolucci c/o Christ Church of Clarkson 8339 W. Ridge Rd. Brockport, NY 14420




Revisions as of June 27, 2024

* Uploaded the latest on Galatoans to the Sermon Central page.

* Added a Job Sermon Outlines page.

* Updated the Cars and Bikes page. .

* Added a video from a 1991 Johnny Carson monologue.

* Updated the Sermon Central page to include information about sermon transcripts..

* Link to the audio of the first book I ever preached through, the Book of Philippians.

* Uploaded my most recent paper to my From My Pen page.

* Updated my Personal Library and Quotes and Illustrations pages.

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